Developing & planning life science projects

The development of life science projects is very similar to biological structures themselves: Biological organisms evolve into diverse, unique and distinct structures, unfolding according to their natural inner blueprints. Together, we provide projects with a development plan, that facilitates a flexible and solution oriented evolvement.

Thank you for your interest in my website ! Currently, I do not take on new tasks as I am dedicating my energies as CEO to POROUS. To a limited extent, I remain available for exchange, expertises and mentoring.

Prologue / Preface

Good ideas gain currency through sustainable product development.

With Eschenbrenner Life Science PEP I support the planning and developing of life science projects in order to recognise and reach their integral entrepeneurial potential.

My Focus

I view accessible and sustainable health care and preventative health care measures as my overarching topics.

I focus on projects in the fields of personalised prevention and medicine, specifically developing child- and gendersensitive preventative and therapeutic measures.

I am equipped with my long-time experience from industrial and academic couseling in project development and technology transfer in the fields of biological therapeutics, diagnostics and digital health.

Are you interested in a collaboration? If so, I look forward to meeting you!

Sincerely yours, Julia Eschenbrenner


What I offer

– Project development plan

– IP consultancy

– Start-Up consultancy

– Support for acquisition of financial resources and subsidies

– Projektmanagement

Target Groups

I support life scientists and clinicians, who:

… want their projects to reap more than just publications and funding.

…develop child- and gendersensitive preventative and therapeutic choices

…want to develop their projects within the scope of a start-up

I offer support in the field of life sciences for questions like:

  • Which product can result from an idea / a scientific insight beneficial to patients and health-conscious people?
  • What is the developmental process for a product and in which stage is my project currently?
  • What are develoment risks and how can they be controlled?
  • Which incentives and financing options are there during different stages of development?
  • What are the project‘s convincing qualities and how can they be built up gradually?
  • Does the project stand up to due diligence?


Dr.-Ing. Pat.-Ing. Julia Eschenbrenner
I live and work in Berlin.

cell phone: +49 151 2423 7644