About me

Thank you for your interest in my website ! Currently, I do not take on new tasks as I am dedicating my energies as CEO to POROUS. To a limited extent, I remain available for exchange, expertises and mentoring.


Professional experience

2021 – Eschenbrenner Life Science Pep sets out as a Pépinière to support and develop Life Science projects and start-up ideas

As Technology Manager with Ascenion in Berlin I enjoyed working closely together with scientists. I supported them and their academic home institutions with invention scouting, project development, IP strategy, finding and binding cooperation and licensing partners as well as start-up coaching. Projects span across the broad range of Life Sciences from classical biomedicine via medical products to digital health.

2001-2009 As research scientist with Bayer / formerly Schering I initially worked in a fascinatingly interdisciplinary area of developing antibodies for in-vivo imaging by ultrasound for tumor diagnostics and continued into the biomarker development for tumor therapy.

2001 To work with Cambridge Antibody Technology, UK, during the early days of monoclonal antibody development was an awesome experience and I am still fascinated by antibody phage display and the challenges of developing antibodies. Thanks, CAT !


Degrees & Certificates

  • Ph.D. at Technical University Berlin
  • IP studies with Fernuniversität Hagen
  • – Diploma in Biotechnology Engineering at ESBS Strasbourg
  • Bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at Technical University Berlin