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Thank you for your interest in my website ! Currently, I do not take on new tasks as I am dedicating my energies as CEO to POROUS. To a limited extent, I remain available for exchange, expertises and mentoring.


Sustained osteoporosis prevention with POROUS.

Osteoporosis is a silent disease, initially progressing without any noticeable symptoms. The increasing fragility of the bones with osteoporosis will often only be recognized after the first fracture. Yet preventing osteoporosis is possible: dietary changes can ensure sufficient levels of calcium and vitamin D, lifestyle changes minimize the risks of tobacco and alcohol consumption, systematic functional training strengthens the bones and balance training can avert falls. This is well-known, sound advice. But oftentimes the vague risk of osteoporosis isn‘t enough for people to follow it.

This is why I support the start-up POROUS as CEO. POROUS is developing a new type of ultrasound diagnostic method for osteoporosis. The method is distinct from existing methods and performs well when compared to the standard diagnostic method DXA-CT. The latter involves exposure to X-radiation and is therefor not a feasible screening method. The POROUS-method has the potential to be used as a screening instrument leading to an early detection of the slowly progressing osteoporosis, opening up better prevention options.

POROUS provides imaging containing structural information such as the pore size distribution, allowing an accurate assessment of the individual‘s current bone health. Developing the POROUS-method means gaining more time to act, long before there is a significantly higher risk for fractures.